You shouldn’t have to dread summer coming, allergies can be frustrating at and unpleasant, they put a real dampener on the summer season.


Are standard nasal sprays and tablets aren’t touching your symptoms? 

Do you feel like you have tried everything?



There is another way, you don’t have to suffer.


Treatment for severe hay fever can be achieved with a corticosteroid injection similar to the treatment given for joint problems and inflammatory conditions such as tennis elbow and frozen shoulder. We use a product called Kenalog.

Like all injections and treatments, we need to ask a few questions, as you go checkout please answer our short consultation

We will conduct a risk assessment to consider suitability for treatment.  If you are good candidate, the relief of symptoms can be dramatically superior to taking oral anti-histamine tablets or nasal sprays and eye drops.

This medication administered when hay fever symptoms first appear can give symptom remission that lasts for the duration of the entire pollen or allergen season (usually three months).

The control of symptoms and improvement in the quality of life is hugely improved.


How do I take this?


It is given in the top of the buttock and starts working almost immediately and typically ‘kicks in’ anywhere from one to forty-eight hours after administration.

We do ask that you are confident in administering this injection if you purchase it.

Please use a qualified nurse or doctor even if it’s a friend that understands intermuscular injections

And that they have the facilities to dispose of the needles appropriately afterwards.

As an online company this is something we have to stipulate.  



Hayfever medication for sever sufferers 

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