Practitioner Account



Youth Revisited is proud to offer a new service for professionals.
It's a convenient, accurate way to offer blood tests to clients.
We provide a wide range of tests through our website,
including health and hormone markers.

Who is a practitioner account for?

Do you have lots of clients?
Would you like to prepare, and monitor blood tests for them?
A practitioner account could be helpful if you are a:

Healthcare provider, Doctor, Gym owner, Nutritionist,
Personal trainer, Dieting coach, Wellness provider.

Our portal is safe, secure and easy to use,
It allows you to manage your clients tests and view their results.
Your own bespoke login will let you see all your customers, all of the time,

Why Choose Youth Revisited?

  • Easy to add customers and create tests
  • All data stored on the portal, easily accessed at anytime
  • Competitive prices for partners with regular orders

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Create test for your customer

Add your customers to the system create tests and lab forms


View their results online

Results all uploaded to the portal so you can view print and forward on


Data Stored in one palce

All reports are saved on the portal so you can access historical data for your customers at anyime

Practitioner Services & Patient Solutions

• Fully Accredited Laboratories
• Online Practitioner Portal
• Date Stored Online
• Easy to Choose Packages

If you have customers you want to help by checking their blood reports and monitoring their health the practitioner portal may be what you need.