How does a Practitioner account work?

Our new Portal will allow you to create and monitor blood tests for your clients. You can take the samples in your own clinic or  We can post customers their kits on your behalf using our Tracked 24 service.

Results will be upload results to your practitioner account.

Our portal is safe, secure and easy to use, it allows you to manage your clients tests and view their results.

Your own bespoke login will let you see all of your customers data.

A Practitioner account could be helpful if you are a

  • Offer blood testing to clients
  • Create orders
  • Monitor progress
  • View customer reports
  • Have your own dashboard, Branded with your logo
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What is an Affiliate account?

This system allows you to promote, youth revisited to your customers.

Anyone that buys through your recommendation will be noted on our system, Once a month we will forward commission on any orders received through your referrals.

No work needed, We will process the orders and work directly with your clients.

An Affiliates account could be helpful if you are a

  • Healthcare provider
  • Doctor
  • Gym owner
  • Nutritionist
  • Personal trainer
  • Dieting coach
  • Wellness provider
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User Friendly

Easy to add customers and create tests

Secure & Reliable

All data stored on the portal, easily accessed at anytime

Cost Efficient

Competitive prices for partners with regular orders



  • Order from the comfort of home
  • Delivery to your door
  • At home kits easy to use
  • Experts available for consultations
  • Online portal for viewing results
  • Easy to choose packages at affordable prices
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