Athletes and Blood Tests

Why Should Athletes Take Blood Tests?

Regardless of the nature of the sport in question, most athletes either amateur or professional strive for the ultimate performance. Daily training of both body and mind, along with strict diets and hydration, are essential strategies to eke out maximum body performance. A simple athlete’s blood test can reveal far more information than many people realise.

Knowing the general health of the body is essential. There may be vitamin and nutrient deficiencies that impact on overall body performance. So how would an athlete know what areas he or she may need to improve and address to achieve maximum performance?

A blood test is the fastest and easiest way to find out essential blood markers and areas where health and performance can be improved. An athlete’s home blood test kit is now available for fast and simple home use. This simple-to-use test involves an easy blood sample finger prick that gathers a blood sample. This is then sent to our labs for analysis, with results securely posted on the internet within a couple of days.

When so much effort is being put into achieving ultimate performance by sports people and athletes, an athlete’s home blood test kit can expedite the process of fine-tuning nutrients and achieving ultimate mind and body performance.

How Does a Home Blood Test Kit Work?

Many people are aware of home blood test kits but are not fully aware of how they work and what a blood test kit can reveal.

The simple answer is that you can take a home blood test quickly and easily, revealing a number of possible health issues. Oestrogen, testosterone, early menopause, vitamin levels and deficiencies are just a few examples.

When you take a home test, all that is required is a simple finger prick to collect a small sample of your blood. This is then sent to our laboratory for analysis. The tests that we perform cover many different potential health issues, and when the kit is purchased, you will inform us which potential health issue is of concern.

There are full blood count tests that reveal issues relating to health and wellness, there are home blood test kits for liver and kidney function (which may be a concern for people that perhaps are consuming more alcohol than the recommended daily intake and want to check the health of their liver and kidneys. Home blood test kits can be used for checking STD’s including gonorrhea and syphilis, as well as tests for hormone levels including oestrogen and testosterone. Cholesterol is another area that can be checked with a home test kit.

Many women purchase a home blood test kit to check if they have reached menopause. This can save much time booking and attending GP surgeries, as the results of your blood test are securely published on the internet within just a few days of being received at our laboratory.

People’s blood carries hundreds of secrets that can be revealed with a blood test. Indeed, it is often the first stage of any medical investigation into health and wellness. Taking a blood test at home can save potentially weeks if not months of waiting to see a GP and waiting for the results to come back. Should you have concerns about health and well-being, get ahead of the queue and take a blood test at home, for peace of mind or a potential early diagnosis of possible future health issues.

How Healthy is my Blood?


Being able to test the health of the blood in your body is essential to establishing general health and wellness. There are so many things that can be revealed by taking a simple home blood test that can put your mind at rest or highlight issues that may need further action taken.

A home blood test kit is a finger prick process that takes a small sample of blood that is then sent for analysis, generating a confidential report of the overall health of your blood. There are many types of analysis that can be carried out to look at and assess how blood issues, deficiencies, and abnormalities may be making an impact on your health and wellness.

From things as simple as brittle nails and dull lifeless hair to more serious conditions such as male testosterone checks, female oestrogen blood checks, and overall wellness and well-being home blood test kits.

Many people will be aware of the effects of both obesity and alcohol consumption and may have concerns about the effects of alcohol on their liver and kidneys. have home blood test kits for liver function, and blood test kits for kidney function. These simple-to-use kits can reveal very quickly the overall state of someone’s liver or kidney function and are often a pre-warning that care and attention need to be taken with alcohol consumption.

Having concerns about minor health issues can be a worry and knowing and diagnosing any potentially more serious issues as early as possible is important. But many people will be put off by having to make a GP’s appointment, especially with waiting times being so long. The convenience and peace of mind offered by a home blood test kit can be almost priceless, as is any advance warning of more serious issues that a blood test at home offers.

Results within just a few days, you can find the health of your blood from the comfort of your own home. Look at the many potential issues that can be checked by home blood test kits.



Home Test for Testosterone

Male Testosterone Home Blood Test Kits

Testosterone levels control many male functions, the most well-known being a man’s sex drive. When men may have concerns about their testosterone levels, finding out what is normal and what is abnormal can be a little daunting to many. The simple and efficient solution may be a home blood test for testosterone levels. Testosterone also has a huge impact on muscle and bone mass, as well as the development of the male reproductive system.

How Does A Home Blood Test For Testosterone Levels Work?

To test for testosterone levels using a home blood test kit couldn’t be easier. Simply click on the link HERE and order your self-test kit. These are usually same-day despatch. Once your kit arrives, read the instructions, and follow them carefully. The blood test kits are a simple thumb prick to get a blood sample. This is then posted to our labs for analysis. Once received, the blood sample is tested and your results are published securely online that only you are able to access.

Knowing your testosterone levels can help you to decide if you need any medical help with diet or other potential issues. For peace of mind, order your testosterone home test kit and find out if you have any underlying conditions that can then be addressed by your GP.

Home Blood Tests – For Liver and Kidney Health

Home Blood Test Liver and Kidney Functions – Discreet and Fast Results

It’s that time of year again. Many of us drink socially throughout the year and do tend to increase our intake during the festive period. And let’s be honest, there will be many of us out there who don’t think about the impact that it may be having on our bodies, liver, and kidneys especially. Taking a home blood test for kidneys can pre-warn of any issues that may be building up.

Many people believe that the liver regenerates itself, but this is not actually the case. High levels of sustained alcohol intake does damage and scar the liver, which reduces its ability to process toxins in the blood. Taking a home blood test for liver functions can potentially pre-warn of any issues that may be building, and allow you to take action to prevent further possible damage.

GPs and health professionals will tell us to abstain from alcohol periodically to give the liver and kidneys a chance to regenerate, but a home blood test for liver and kidney function may be prudent for many people, just for peace of mind in most cases, or an early warning that things may need calming down a little to give your body a fighting chance to recover.

Our home blood tests for liver and kidney function are delivered to your door, saving the need to visit a GP (if you can get an appointment). A painless thumb prick and a small sample of blood are all that is needed, which is then sent to our lab for testing.

Your results are available to you online and securely within a couple of days, giving you all the information that you will need to ensure your alcohol intake is being managed correctly.

Click HERE to order your liver and kidney home test kit. Find out how your liver and kidneys are functioning and take preventative action if necessary.

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