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Home Blood Tests – For Liver and Kidney Health

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Home Blood Test Liver and Kidney Functions – Discreet and Fast Results

It’s that time of year again. Many of us drink socially throughout the year and do tend to increase our intake during the festive period. And let’s be honest, there will be many of us out there who don’t think about the impact that it may be having on our bodies, liver, and kidneys especially. Taking a home blood test for kidneys can pre-warn of any issues that may be building up.

Many people believe that the liver regenerates itself, but this is not actually the case. High levels of sustained alcohol intake does damage and scar the liver, which reduces its ability to process toxins in the blood. Taking a home blood test for liver functions can potentially pre-warn of any issues that may be building, and allow you to take action to prevent further possible damage.

GPs and health professionals will tell us to abstain from alcohol periodically to give the liver and kidneys a chance to regenerate, but a home blood test for liver and kidney function may be prudent for many people, just for peace of mind in most cases, or an early warning that things may need calming down a little to give your body a fighting chance to recover.

Our home blood tests for liver and kidney function are delivered to your door, saving the need to visit a GP (if you can get an appointment). A painless thumb prick and a small sample of blood are all that is needed, which is then sent to our lab for testing.

Your results are available to you online and securely within a couple of days, giving you all the information that you will need to ensure your alcohol intake is being managed correctly.

Click HERE to order your liver and kidney home test kit. Find out how your liver and kidneys are functioning and take preventative action if necessary.


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