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How Healthy is my Blood?

How healthy is my blood?


Being able to test the health of the blood in your body is essential to establishing general health and wellness. There are so many things that can be revealed by taking a simple home blood test that can put your mind at rest or highlight issues that may need further action taken.

A home blood test kit is a finger prick process that takes a small sample of blood that is then sent for analysis, generating a confidential report of the overall health of your blood. There are many types of analysis that can be carried out to look at and assess how blood issues, deficiencies, and abnormalities may be making an impact on your health and wellness.

From things as simple as brittle nails and dull lifeless hair to more serious conditions such as male testosterone checks, female oestrogen blood checks, and overall wellness and well-being home blood test kits.

Many people will be aware of the effects of both obesity and alcohol consumption and may have concerns about the effects of alcohol on their liver and kidneys. have home blood test kits for liver function, and blood test kits for kidney function. These simple-to-use kits can reveal very quickly the overall state of someone’s liver or kidney function and are often a pre-warning that care and attention need to be taken with alcohol consumption.

Having concerns about minor health issues can be a worry and knowing and diagnosing any potentially more serious issues as early as possible is important. But many people will be put off by having to make a GP’s appointment, especially with waiting times being so long. The convenience and peace of mind offered by a home blood test kit can be almost priceless, as is any advance warning of more serious issues that a blood test at home offers.

Results within just a few days, you can find the health of your blood from the comfort of your own home. Look at the many potential issues that can be checked by home blood test kits.




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