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The athlete’s full blood test provides a full haemotology analysis including a comprehensive liver, kidney, and lipid panel combined with key markers such as hs-CRP and hbA1c to assess inflammation status and blood glucose metabolism. It also provides data on the methylation status of active folate and vitamin B12.

On top of all this, it excels in providing in-depth endocrinological data towards basal metabolism with a full thyroid hormone and antibody check, morning time cortisol for stress assessment and DHEA-S and PSA (Prostate)

Finally, the athlete’s blood test offers data on fertility status and natural pituitary function through FSH and LH, female hormone assessment through estradiol, progesterone, and prolactin and a high-sensitivity testosterone check which goes to an incredible top-end range of 502 nmol. Youth-Revisited is proud to offer such an incredibly accessible blood testing service privately for all athletes as well as the general population.

Then on top of all this we have added cystatin c, Glucose, magnesium TIBC and transfer in Saturation

Test Included

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