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Detox & Liver Regeneration
Additional Benefits: Boosts physical performance and recovery time, antiaging, increases energy, improves skin, cleanses liver, helps after alcohol overdose & drug use.
Skin brightening. Reduces cortisol levels, helps with stress, slows down aging process. Immune system support.

Duration of infusion: 30-40 minutes
Be aware: Dilute Glutathione with 0.9% NaCl prior to administration.
Combination treatments, adds on: Vitamin C
Treatment plan: 1-2 IV drips per week for 12 weeks then switch to maintenance plan.
Maintenance plan: 1 IV drip every 2 weeks ongoing.

Test Included

Glutathione 1200mg.

At Home IV Therapy

Cant get to a clinic...
We can come to your home or place of work.
For Single or group bookings

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