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A full consultation will be a 30 minute phone call with our expert Dave Crosland

He understands blood markers, why and how your body uses them, and how to rectify issues when your levels are out of sync.

He can easily help with basic concerns but he can also go further than this, as he is known and used by professional’s all over the country for his extensive knowledge of Steroids and Body Building. This makes him especially qualified to help persons of the Body Building community to keep their health and hormones in check.

So, if you find that you have issues with your health and hormones, especially if you are in the fitness industry A consultation may be just what you need.

Test Included

At Home IV Therapy

Can't visit a clinic to receive IV treatment?
Not a concern! We provide accessible at-home IV therapy services at The Health Lab UK

We will visit you wherever you may be—at home or work.

You can easily arrange your session by booking it as one person or group.

We provide accurate blood testing at our health labs in your area.

Book your blood test online now.

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