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Includes the classic hydration mix containing a blend of pH-balanced, electrolyte-rich
solution to rehydrate, refresh and rejuvenate your body. Ideal for those suffering from
dehydration or a night out.

Hydration is a big factor to you health, especiallly when you are ill or even hungover.

Provides instant relief when you feel under the weather.
Additional Benefits: Relieves nausea and headaches, delivers an energy boost, rehydrates the skin, decreases inflammation.
Drip can benefit those recovering from serious illness or food poisoning or athletes wanting to maximise their performance. It is also particularly effective for those suffering from over-indulging.


Duration of infusion: 30-40 minutes.

Reccomended Plan

Treatment plan: 2 IV drip per week for 2 weeks then switch to maintenance plan.
Maintenance plan: 1 IV drip every 2 weeks ongoing.

Test Included

500ml Saline Fluid NaCl 0.9%,
Multimineral: Se, Zn, Cr, Cu, Mn, Selenium, Zinc,
Copper, Manganese, Chromium /10ml total.
Microelements: Se: 200 μg, Zn : 10 mg, Cu : 4 mg, Mn : 1 mg, Cr : 40 μg
Vit B Complex 2ml/1V:
B1 Thiamine hydrochloride 10 mg,
B2 riboflavin sodium phosphate 5.53 mg,
B3 nicotinamide 40 mg, B5 Dexpanthenol 6 mg,
B6 pyridoxine hydrochloride 4 mg, B7 Biotin 500 μg,
B12 cyanocobalamin 8 mu μg,
Vitamin C 10g/20ml,
Glutathione 1200mg.

At Home IV Therapy

Can't visit a clinic to receive IV treatment?
Not a concern! We provide accessible at-home IV therapy services at The Health Lab UK

We will visit you wherever you may be—at home or work.

You can easily arrange your session by booking it as one person or group.

We provide accurate blood testing at our health labs in your area.

Book your blood test online now.

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