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Wellness and mental health Package


In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining mental and emotional balance is crucial for overall well-being.

Our Wellbeing and Mental Health Check offers a personalised explanation of your mental health test results, which may provide valuable insights, as well as tailored support to enhance your emotional well-being.

The Wellbeing & Mental Health Check is an investment in your mental and emotional well-being.

For just £495, you’ll gain valuable insights into your mental health, receive personalized support, and empower yourself to take charge of your emotional well-being.

Home Visit Collection for Blood Test

A phlebotomist will come to your home or place of work to take your blood sample and get it tested in our Labratory.

Expert analysis

Your results will be checked along wth information taken from you to create a plan movig forward


this can be done in our Grimsby Clinic or on a Team online video call at a time that suits you.

Test Included

Blood Test






Thyroid Profile

Free Testosterone

Vitamin D

Vitamin b12




CRP (Inflamation)


In-depth Consultation: Following the blood test, you’ll receive a thorough 45-minute consultation with our experienced mental health professional. During this session, we’ll discuss your test results, explore your personal circumstances, and provide personalised recommendations and guidance.


Tailored Support and Signposting: We’ll work closely with you to develop a personalised plan to address any identified concerns and enhance your overall well-being. This may include recommendations for lifestyle changes, stress management techniques, or further professional support if needed.


At Home IV Therapy

Can't visit a clinic to receive IV treatment?
Not a concern! We provide accessible at-home IV therapy services at The Health Lab UK

We will visit you wherever you may be—at home or work.

You can easily arrange your session by booking it as one person or group.

We provide accurate blood testing at our health labs in your area.

Book your blood test online now.

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