# Testosterone

Welcome to the testosterone CHALLENGE

How High is your Testosterone?

The test comprises of three test markers
Testosterone, LH and FSH.
(These markers will help us prove that the result that you give us is a true, natural and unassisted result.)
The upper range for a Healthy Male is "29" on our scale (8.64-29nmol/l)
Just how close are you?

Post your results video online as soon as you receive your results - Dont forget -
Please tag our ticktock account on your post, and use the hashtag
#YRtestchallenge #testosterone #naturalathlete #bloodtesting #healthandfitness

Mission Statement

The purpose of this challenge is to raise awareness in young men, and their wideer reaching circle or friends, relatives and family members, of the importance of knowing and managing your bloodwork to help lead a healthy lifestyle. Doing this will aid in the detection of irregularities, and possible risks, as well as helping with -

  • -Promoting Awareness of Hypergonadism
  • -Promoting Male Hormone General Awareness
  • -Low hormone markers associated with testicular cancer

This test is in no way encouraging Testosterone "Boosters" or Abusing Testosterone, steroids, or Performance Enhancing Drugs. The LH and FSH hormone results will "point out" if the Testosterone level acheived is assisted.

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