How Does a Home Blood Test Kit Work?

cholesterol blood tests

Many people are aware of home blood test kits but are not fully aware of how they work and what a blood test kit can reveal.

The simple answer is that you can take a home blood test quickly and easily, revealing a number of possible health issues. Oestrogen, testosterone, early menopause, vitamin levels and deficiencies are just a few examples.

When you take a home test, all that is required is a simple finger prick to collect a small sample of your blood. This is then sent to our laboratory for analysis. The tests that we perform cover many different potential health issues, and when the kit is purchased, you will inform us which potential health issue is of concern.

There are full blood count tests that reveal issues relating to health and wellness, there are home blood test kits for liver and kidney function (which may be a concern for people that perhaps are consuming more alcohol than the recommended daily intake and want to check the health of their liver and kidneys. Home blood test kits can be used for checking STD’s including gonorrhea and syphilis, as well as tests for hormone levels including oestrogen and testosterone. Cholesterol is another area that can be checked with a home test kit.

Many women purchase a home blood test kit to check if they have reached menopause. This can save much time booking and attending GP surgeries, as the results of your blood test are securely published on the internet within just a few days of being received at our laboratory.

People’s blood carries hundreds of secrets that can be revealed with a blood test. Indeed, it is often the first stage of any medical investigation into health and wellness. Taking a blood test at home can save potentially weeks if not months of waiting to see a GP and waiting for the results to come back. Should you have concerns about health and well-being, get ahead of the queue and take a blood test at home, for peace of mind or a potential early diagnosis of possible future health issues.

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