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Considered the number one choice of spas and skin clinic over the world, Snow White
Skin Whitening is the highest quality, high dose and Glutathione skin whitening
formula available in the market today. With addition of Tranexamic Acid Melanin
reducing agent 250mg every two weeks.

The most powerful whitening antioxidant IV drip containing the
world’s 3 strongest antioxidants, in the best dosages. Powerful anti-aging for the skin
and internal health. Improves Liver Functions. Balances. Lowers Inflammation. Boosts
Energy. Vitamin C. Restores Collagen. Anti-aging.

Main Indication: Suppresses Melanin. Skin Lightening.

Duration of infusion: 40 minutes.
Be aware: Tranexamic Acid 250mg should not be administered more often than every
Treatment plan: 1 IV drip per week for 12 weeks then switch to maintenance plan.
Maintenance plan: 1 IV drip every 2 weeks ongoing.

Test Included

Glutathione 1200mg,
Thiotic Acid Liponex 300mg /12ml,
Asconex Vitamin C 10g / 20ml
Traminex Tranexamic Acid 250mg.

At Home IV Therapy

Can't visit a clinic to receive IV treatment?
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We will visit you wherever you may be—at home or work.

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